Does Reddit need a new sub for Science?

It has many, and they are all awesome. But I think it has space for one more.

If you don’t already know what Reddit is, run away now. I don’t want to be the one who killed all your time with baconing Narwhals.

If you are a Redditor, on the other hand, you probably know that it is a good place to learn about many things. And science is one of them.

You can go to /r/Science to see what papers are being published in the world’s journals and take part in discussions. In /r/EverythingScience there is the same level of quality content, but expanded to topics that aren’t necessarily related to a recent publication. The holy trinity of general science subs is then completed by /r/AskScience.

These are huge communities. /r/Science has over 14 million subscribers. But there are also subs for more specialized areas that are pretty strong, /r/Physics has over 10,000 subscribers and /r/Chemistry and /r/Biology aren’t far behind.

These smaller communities can’t be quite so picky about their content. So they don’t maintain the same standard of scientific rigour. That doesn’t mean pseudoscience by any means. It just means that you might get away with making the occasional joke.

And talking of jokes, there are quite a few subs that have quite fun content. A good example is /r/HoldMyBeaker, which has videos of things you definitely shouldn’t try at home. And /r/InterestingAsFuck has plenty of interesting things from science and technology.

But there is no subreddit covers all of science with an air of informality. There are none that let you make a self post unless you are asking a proper question. There are none that let scientists ask for participants in a citizen science project, or ask people to do a survey.

None that I know of, at least. I think that is something that Reddit as missing. I think it we need one to be set up.

So I have done. I set up /r/Sciencish. I put some posts in, to show what it could be. Is something we need or not? Let me know what you think. Or go set up your own contender and make it huge. As long as someone makes it, and makes it succeed, I’ll be happy.

Wrangler of qubits. Drinker of tea. Father.

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